If I could I’d force the writers from Breaking Bad to continue and make a spin-off about Jesse whose life is suddenly 100% perfect and you get to see him smile and laugh all the time and he’s happy and then I’m gonna kidnap Kurt and put him on that show too so you can basically watch both Jesse and Kurt being all cute and happy together for the rest of your life. 

I’m so glad we became friends and I’m even more glad I got to meet you this June in person <3

I love you and I wish you all the best *mwah*

chriscolfer replied to your post: chriscolfer replied to your post: omg how did…

all of us are gonna gang up on u when u sleep and tattoo kurts butt on ur forehead

who says i’m gonna sleep at all

chriscolfer replied to your post: omg how did you get slightestwind to become your friend?

no ur just a weenie

well this weenie is gonna room with you in paris so maybe i’d be more careful of what i say if i were u