Chris Colfer on How ‘Lightning’ Struck Twice


Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure of catching a screening of Struck By Lighting; the brave, funny, inspiring and touching film Chris Colfer wrote and starred in. Now, he’s revisting the character of Carson Phillips in Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal, a novel that serves as the perfection companion piece to the film.

On the small screen, Colfer recently lost his perfect companion (affectionately nicknamed Klaine by their fans) when Blaine admitted to cheating on Kurt out of fear their long distance relationship was driving them apart. But the characters, and actors, recently reunited in NYC to film scenes for Glee’s Christmas episode, which is where ETonline caught up with Colfer to talk about the future of Klaine, learn how Lighting struck twice and what’s next for his critically acclaimed fantasy series, The Land of Stories.

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A couple of months ago — before Dan Cathy ruined the greatest meal on earth with his homophobic rhetoric — I ordered a Chick-fil-A #1 combo from a high schooler who looked just like Kurt Hummel. His hair, his voice, his speech patterns. The whole Hummel shebang. In fact, when I was like, “I’m sorry, but has anyone ever told you that you—” he just grinned and finished my sentence with “look like Chris Colfer?” I nodded. The fullback-looking teenage dude who was working the register beside him said, “But like season one Colfer. Not teen heartthrob Colfer.”

I live in rural north Georgia where it’s still kind of brave to be openly gay, or even openly gender atypical, but here was a 16-year-old guy with an angelic voice and slightly effeminate mannerisms and no inclination to mask either one of those things. And why would he? He looks and sounds just like teen heartthrob Chris Colfer.

Weeks later, when I saw the queue of “family values” Christians wrapped around the restaurant twice, I realized that when it comes to Glee, I may have made the terrible mistake of missing its music because of its missteps.

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