oops…seems like someone got caught :3 

oops…seems like someone got caught :3 

Fic: Birthday Sandwich (Klelliott)


Length: 4.7k

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine/Elliott

Warnings/incentives: THREESOME, oral sex, anal sex, riding, double penetration, comeplay. (All romantic feelings are between Kurt and Blaine only.)

Summary: Kurt is turning 21, and he’s got a very specific birthday wish. Literally just Klelliott PWP.

A/N: Thank you to Jess mypatronusisklaine for being a wonderful beta! And excuse the awful title.

They’re drenched in sweat and coming down from a truly amazing high when Blaine breaches the question.

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

Kurt hums, shifting as much as his exhausted limbs allow and settling a hand somewhere on Blaine’s body. He’s too tired to register where.

“I don’t know,” he answers, completely aware that he knows very well what he wants, but that Blaine agreeing to it is probably the same chance as Rachel taking up beatboxing.

“C’mooooon,” pleads Blaine, picking up his hand and kissing his fingers one by one. Despite the amazing sex they just had, the soft touch still sends tingles up his arm. “There must be something. Anything, Kurt. You’re turning 21. It’s a big day.”

Kurt sighs and squints one eye open at his fiancé. Blaine is running his nose along the inside of his wrist, looking at him expectantly.

“Fine,” he huffs. “But you’re not going to like it.”

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