Glee: Watch Darren Criss Hilariously Quiz Lea Michele and Chris Colfer’s Broadway Knowledge!

Raise your hand if you’d so watch a Gleespinoff that was a Darren Criss-hosted game show.

Both of your hands should be in the air right now…especially after watching this exclusive video below, featuring Criss playing “Broadway Baby Brain Busters: Glee Edition” with his costars Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.

The Fox hit’s stars are hilariously grilled by Criss on their Broadway knowledge on all things Broadway and let’s just say we’d be totally fine with Blaine becoming a game show host now that he’s situated in NYC. (As long as he can be a singing host, of course!)

So who won the reigning  title of the biggest Broadway Baby: “the wickedly talented” (Oh hey, Adele Dazeem shoutout!) Michele or the “unstoppable” Colfer? Watch our exclusive clip to find out!

Lea Michele’s Marilyn Monroe at 2014 KCA Orange Carpet

Lea Michele at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards