paulcolfers asked:
"hey julia i know this is random but i saw your klaine post with the tag that you couldn't find logoless dl link for s3. by any chance do you have dl for s2 logoless?? i actually just need one episode in particular, silly love songs. sorry to bother you about this but it would help a lot!! and also i'm sorry people are giving you a hard time about liking klaine again! you have the right to ship whatever and people are just bitter that their ship isn't canon so keep on keeping on girl!"

hey :) yes i have one: this one worked fine for me, and idk what torrent program you use, but i could pick out which episodes i wanted to dl, so i wouldn’t have to dl the whole season again…

and you’re not bothering me at all, i’m glad to help :3

and thank you! i will ♥

paulcolfers asked:
"Hi julia! I was dropping by to let you know that i think your blog is amazing! and your gifs/edits are sensational! i'm sure you get this all the time haha but it never hurts to reaffirm it! :D"

omg fhhjkas7fas8fadsfjkjkdfhkdskjghks

thank you so so much!!! you have no idea how happy your message just made me 

and oh god hdjskf do you have any idea how much i love your stuff and your blog and you’re flawless ok <3

paulcolfers asked:
"ahhh it's your birthday!! happy birthday, dear! i hope you have a wonderful day! <3"

thank you so much :D <3