"We were always the little show that could… When the first episode aired, everyone said, ‘Oh, it’s cute, but it’ll never last,’ ’cause a musical could never work on television, so it’s really validating to be here."
— Chris Colfer ['Glee' 100th episode party]
"Jennifer Holiday, ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’: I think it’s the only crassy female Broadway ballad I didn’t get to do on this show."
— Chris Colfer ['Glee' 100th episode party, On the Scene: Stars look back on 100 episodes, reveal whose song they would steal]  (“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” was sung by Mercedes and by Jane Addams Academy in season 1.)
"It’s not written yet, I’m in the process right now, but it’s 19. Episode 519."
"[Glee] probably ruined every other job I’ll ever have. This was really the first job I had in film or TV, and for it to be so significant, I’ve been completely spoiled. I still get a thousand letters a week from kids out there who have been affected by Kurt’s story."
— Chris Colfer [x] (via jenndesq)
"We want to see each other animated."
— Chris Colfer on his hopes for Kurt and Rachel [source] (via ccolferrr)

I wish I could be more like Kurt, I wish I could walk into a room with a superior attitude to everyone around me. He’s superior, I’m sarcastic. He’s chic, I’m a geek. He’s fierce, I’m farce. He’s fashionable, I’m flammable.