"Yeah, I think we’re gonna start shooting the last season [of Glee]…mid-September, I think? Around that time. That’s what I’ve been told, yeah."
— Chris Colfer (via chriscolfernews)
"Very violent for the baby."
— Chris Colfer (on watching Game Of Thrones)
"I really only let about a tenth of the projects that I’m constantly working on known at a time because I have very, very passionate fans so they get very, very excited about things and so sometimes when something doesn’t go through it’s so disappointing for them and me but no, I’ll probably be very, very busy in the next few years just from all kinds of things that I have my hands in right now."
— Chris Colfer on EW Morning Live [x] (via chriscolfernews)
"It’s so far been so much fun. I went out to London to start prep work for it and it was an amazing experience, just like going around London and seeing where he lived and, you know, working with people, meeting the fellow actors. It has an amazing cast so far and I am so excited for that project."
— Chris Colfer on the upcoming Noël Coward biopic [x] (via chriscolfernews)
"I’ve always been a superhero fanatic. Probably because they always start out as nerds, and, you know, Peter Parker, and they always become something great. I think as a young nerd, that was always the story that I identified with."
— Chris Colfer [x] (via jenndesq)
"I’m playing Noël Coward in an upcoming biopic […] Ian McKellen is in it and Vanessa Redgrave is in it and Jonathan Pryce—we have a great, great cast and a lot of names that I can’t say now but are soon to join, as well."
Chris Colfer [x]