Episode 601, Scene 12
Rachel and Blaine
Ext. Music Store: Rachel sings while they walk 

Episode 601, Scene 13
Rachel and Blaine
Int. Music Store: Blaine plays the piano, the crowd politely claps

Episode 601, Scene 41 (End of Act 5)
Kurt, Blaine, Dave
Scandals: Kurt meets Blaine, Karofsky’s arrival stuns Kurt

Episode 601, Scenes 42 and 44 (Act 6)
Kurt, Blaine, Dave
Scandals: Blaine’s bear love tests Kurt’s mettle

Episode 601, Scene 43
Blaine, Dave, bar patrons
Flashback - Scandals: Country Bear night; electric slide

Episode 601, Scene 45
Scandals restroom: Kurt can’t keep the tears in

Episode 602, Scene 26
Kurt and Spencer
Weight room: Spencer (Marshall Williams) says no because Glee club sucks

Episode 602, Scene 19 (End of Act 1)
Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Sam
Auditorium: Rachel brings back the old Glee Club

Episode 602, Scene 38 (End of Act 4)
Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina, Puck, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Sam, Roderick, and the band
Auditorium: Roderick (Noah Guthrie) auditions with Mustang Sally

Episode 601, Scene 20
Flashback - NYADA Hallway: Students look at magazines and brochures


So. Here are the spoilers for Episode 3.

Remember that whole thing about not killing the messenger. That’s really important to remember right now.


  • Dinner at Mr. Schue’s house is the new/old Monday Night Dinner
  • The couples Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky, Quinn/Puck, Brittany/Santana, Mercedes/Sam aren’t the focus of this episode. It’s all about recruiting new members for the Glee club. None of the couples have one on one scenes.
  • Brittany gives Kurt relationship advice, but it’s played for laughs (aka super-jokey Brittany speak.)
  • For Blaine, dating Karofsky is about shaking his life up post-break up with Kurt.
  • There’s a pep rally everyone attends, including Karofsky and Blaine. This happens after Blaine’s tiff with Rachel and Kurt.
Kurt Related spoilers from Sept. 17 filming


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